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Scripts for Theater: Creating an Original Play Script

Most creative writers are skilled in several forms of literature, be it prose, poetry or drama. They use these different forms to give expression to the ideas and concepts that inspire them. Some writers may discover that one particular form of creative writing suits them best, while others continue to experiment with all genres and enjoy working in different mediums.

Writing scripts for theater can be a daunting task unless you are well-versed with the traditions of theater and stage-craft. Script writing is a highly skilled and technical form of writing which may not be every one’s cup of tea, no matter how skilled they are in other forms of writing. Some highly-talented and popular writers have had little success with writing scripts for theater, whereas others strike gold at the first instance.

A keen sense of dramatic elements, character, plot and structure are important in script writing. Unlike other forms of creative writing, where themes and ideas can dominate, here action and character are as important as plot.

Et Sans Toi – Stacy (Music Video)

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YourZoukTv : Sans Toi
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Tools for Face Painting

Face painting is an incredibly popular activity to have during a number of different types of parties. Most frequently, it’s an activity that is offered at carnivals, fairs, birthday parties, or any other event where kids are going to be. If you have the flair for the artistic, and are planning to have a party for one or all of your kids then you need to have all the right tools on hand in order to do it properly.

Before you host your next party for one of the kids in your life, then you are going to want a make a list of the following items so you are ready to start.


Getting the correct pains is the most important factor. There are craft paints, and other non-toxic paints that are on the market. Although these paints are great for a number of different crafting projects, they are not the proper paints for face painting. You need to purchase paint that has been formulated specifically for this type of application. This specific line of paint is not craft paint, but cosmetic paint.

Sponges & Brushes

In order to apply the face paint you need the correct applicators. This includes sponges and brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are sponges available that were specifically made for the purpose of face painting. There are other sponges, such as those for washing cars or horses, which work perfectly on your face. Another great thing about these sponges is that they are so large they can be cut into a number of smaller sponges for different applications.

When selecting brushes, there are a number of different sizes and shapes from which to choose. You will need to pick up flat, round, butterfly, and more. A number of different sizes need to be picked up as a standard set for face painting. This includes a #8 flat, a #8 round, a couple of #6 rounds, and a couple of #4 rounds. Each of these brushes will help you apply paint in different ways and with ease.

Assorted Extras

Additional items that you are going to need include stencils, tattoos, and glitter specifically made for painting your face. You will also need to have on hand water, towels, and baby wipes, bobby pins for keeping hair back, and a good table and chairs. Having all of these things will help you apply the face paint properly. Face painting can be a fun activity that kids will enjoy, if you have the proper tools on hand.